DWPS Siliguri


Striving Towards Perfection

Ambari Belakoba Road,
Kamarvita, Rajganj,
Jalpaiguri 735135

Programme & Celebrations

Programme & Celebrations

Our vibrant school community is committed to fostering academic excellence, nurturing creativity, and instilling values that prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Throughout the academic year, our school hosts a myriad of programs and celebrations that enrich the educational experience of our students. From annual sports events that promote physical fitness and teamwork to cultural festivals that celebrate diversity and unity, there’s always something exciting happening at DWPS.

Our meticulously planned academic programs, coupled with extracurricular activities, ensure holistic development, empowering students to explore their passions and reach their full potential. At DWPS, every achievement, big or small, is celebrated with enthusiasm, fostering a culture of encouragement and positivity.

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