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Hostel Rules

Hostel Rules

Hostel Rules at Delhi World Public School, Siliguri

  1. Curfew Hours: Students must adhere to designated curfew hours for their safety and security.
  2. Attendance: Attendance will be taken regularly to ensure all students are accounted for.
  3. Visitation Policy: Visitors must be registered at the front desk and are only permitted during specified hours.
  4. Room Inspection: Regular room inspections will be conducted to ensure cleanliness and adherence to rules.
  5. Quiet Hours: Quiet hours must be maintained during designated times to promote a conducive studying environment.
  6. Electronics Usage: Limited usage of electronic devices is allowed during specified times to encourage interaction and focus on academics.
  7. Study Hours: Scheduled study hours will be enforced to facilitate academic progress.
  8. Laundry Schedule: Students must adhere to the laundry schedule to ensure equitable usage of facilities.
  9. Health and Hygiene: Students are expected to maintain personal hygiene and keep their living spaces clean.
  10. Prohibited Items: Possession of prohibited items such as drugs, alcohol, or weapons is strictly prohibited.
  11. Meal Times: Students must adhere to designated meal times and are encouraged to maintain a balanced diet.
  12. Respect for Staff: Respectful behavior towards hostel staff and fellow residents is expected at all times.
  13. Leave Policy: Students must adhere to the leave policy and obtain prior permission for any absences.
  14. Dress Code: A modest and appropriate dress code must be maintained within hostel premises.
  15. Community Areas: Common areas such as lounges and recreation rooms must be kept clean and orderly.
  16. Conflict Resolution: Any conflicts or disputes should be reported to hostel authorities for resolution.
  17. Proper Use of Facilities: Students are expected to use hostel facilities responsibly and report any damages or malfunctions promptly.
  18. Emergency Contact Information: Students must provide updated emergency contact information for communication in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  19. Participation in Activities: Students are encouraged to participate in hostel activities and events to foster a sense of community and camaraderie.
  20. Medical Care: Necessary medical care will be provided to students in case of illness or injury, with proper communication to parents/guardians.
  21. Transportation: Transportation arrangements for outings or excursions will be made with the safety and supervision of students in mind.
  22. Compliance with School Policies: Hostel residents are expected to comply with all school policies and regulations in addition to hostel rules.
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