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Striving Towards Perfection

Ambari Belakoba Road,
Kamarvita, Rajganj,
Jalpaiguri 735135

Message From The CEO Cum Principal

Message From The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)-Cum-Principal

Prof. Dr. R. K. Singh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)-Cum-Principal
Delhi World Public School Siliguri, West Bengal
Delhi Wonder World Siliguri, West Bengal

We at Delhi World Public School are rooted in the fact that every student is unique and special. We are a one-form entry school that favors personalized attention with excellent co-ordination between the teaching staff, the departmental heads and the School’s psycho-pedagogy department. Your child is never “just another number”. He or she is an important member of our school community. His or Her growth as a well-rounded human being is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our objective is to experience learning in a positive, balanced and complete way so that we can prepare your child for the future. Our results will vouch for our excellence. But much more than that, we educate for values in life and that is why apart from teaching, DWPS, Siliguri is an institution that is convinced that we must learn as a community, in an environment of respect, solidarity and dialogue. Education in values has no timetable, as it is a part of all subjects at any given time of the day.

There is a growing concern that today’s children spend too much time in front of screens and not enough time interacting with nature. At DWPS, Siliguri, our students will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the Earth. In so doing, they will get a balanced physical, psychological and educational foundation and become good stewards of our planet. In the hallowed four walls of the school, as the students move from pre-adolescence to adolescence, they are given the safety and continuity to flourish in an arena that is rarely seen in our fast-paced ‘get-it-done-yesterday’ world.

Make DWPS, Siliguri the School of your choice for your ward, which in every way will fulfil the modern day needs of education and secure the future of your child

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