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Nowadays, one of the main concerns of parents regarding their children is to find good coaching facilities after school and search for activity centers for extra-curricular development of their children. At DWPS, Siliguri after the regular school hours, additional coaching cum remedial classes (for a batch of not more than 10 students) will be offered for those who opt for it.

Besides, a range of extracurricular activities like sports, music, dancing, martial arts, fine arts, etc. would also be there for the students to choose from, according to their choice. These students shall leave the school in the evening, a few hours after the regular school hours get over. They will be provided with breakfast, mid-morning snacks, and lunch like the day boarders. Additionally, these students will also be provided with late afternoon snacks and evening tiffin at school before they leave for their home at the evening, after attending coaching cum remedial classes and extracurricular activities.

The advantage – No hassle of additional coaching at home and extracurricular activities under the guidance of able and certified trainers and coaches. Besides, there is no hassle of carrying a tiffin/lunch box from home.


One of the main problems faced by parents who do not stay in a city is that, though they want to provide quality education to their children, they cannot do so due to the lack of good schools in their town/locality. DWPS, Siliguri has carved out the facility of Weekly Boarding just for these parents, providing a mix of the best of both – Day Scholar and regular boarding, for those students who stay at a distance of 60 km – 70 km from the school, not close enough for regular travel to school every day but not too far to cover the distance in 1-1.5 hr.

The students opting for this facility will be picked up by the school bus every Monday morning from their respective spot near home and will be brought to school. From Monday through Friday afternoon, the student shall stay at school as a boarder, availing all the facilities – regular schooling (along with the Day Scholars & Day Boarders) during the day, extracurricular activities during the late afternoons, and coaching cum remedial classes in the evening. The student shall be dropped back at his/her respective spot on Friday evening after the regular school gets over.

The advantage – The student gets to spend the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) at home while he/she spends the entire week at school taking advantage of all boarding facilities – well balanced & nutritious meals throughout the day, following a disciplined routine at the hostel, regular physical activities, cocurricular & extra curricular activities of their choice and guidance by qualified teachers handpicked by the school for all-round development of the child.


The classic, no-frills way of attending the school where the student attends the school but doesn't opt for any boarding facility provided by the school. The student stays at home and travels to school everyday (by school bus/private vehicle) and returns after the school is over. The students carry their own tiffin/lunch from home.


This facility is just the same as day scholar, except for the fact that the food, during the student's stay at the school during the day, is provided by the school. The student is provided with well balanced breakfast, nutritious mid-morning snack and sumptuous lunch at school at regular intervals of time.


The classic boarding school facility for students hailing from far fetched area who lives in the hostel on a regular basis and goes home during regular breaks & vacations, as per the school calendar.

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