The quality to see the world with hope and foresightedness is real education.

Today we live in a world that is changing at a fast pace, all the educators need to keep up with times, and that should reflect on the entire system preparing our students for globalization. Delhi World Public School’s vision is to create a holistic environment for educating and preparing future global citizens. The aim is to immerse children in Indian values with an openness to embrace other world cultures.

Our mission is to enable children to acquire skills and competencies so that the students can Pursue their passion and achieve their goals. Here, at Delhi World Public School “Striving Towards perfection” in all spheres is our motto, with an all-around development of the students. We instill in our students the spirit of discipline, self-confidence, hard work & determination.
Moreover, Inclusive education ensures that each and every student is able to progress at their own pace, allowing children to work on individual goals while being with other students of their own age, thus encouraging the involvement of parents in the education of their children and activities as well. There is a strong commitment to personalized learning through differentiation to cater to the learning needs of all students. Providing opportunities to all classes and sections of societies to come together and study under one roof.
The school heralds a new era of gender equality, to develop a civic sense in community outreach programmers. As we Delhi World Public Schools are different to integrate the best ideas in education from India and around the world. These programs serve the dual purpose of instilling a sense of giving back to society and equipping student’s values with a philanthropic spirit.
Here at Delhi World Public School, we foster an educational experience with strong academics, varied extracurricular options, and international nurturing. Experiential learning is emphasized upon with multitude of opportunities provided through different clubs and societies, Model United Nations, Foreign languages, Organic farming, Stem robotic classes, Artificial Intelligence & Performing Arts, are various co-curricular activities along with sports provide the right platform for the overall development of the student’s personalities and galvanize them to bring out their hidden talents.
Values of hard work, perseverance, and courage are imbibed in every student to prepare them for a journey called life. Students are encouraged and motivated not only to learn to be inquisitive but to be empowered.
Our endeavor is to make our students morally and ethically future citizens of the world. I, as the head of the institution, on behalf of my highly qualified, competent, and dynamic team assure you our best, always.

Delhi World Public School, Siliguri

Educating students for success in a changing world

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An ambience that is best suited in modern times to meet the learning needs of each and every child whose inquisitive, imaginative and curious mind would be able to feed on the right resources and the world class infrastructure available that would excite and stir the creative forces within them.